Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17, 2013

My 365...

That rare moment in life, when you are having a conversation with your baby boy, and you realize he is not a baby any more.  Been there, done that, two times now with Garrett and Brandon...experienced it again for the third time with Casey. He is not my baby boy any more, he is a grown man.  Wow, when did that happen?  He is good man too, I am so thankful for that.  Another first I experienced with him last night, he came in to my room and said..."Cya mom, I am going drifting, bye!"  Then he was out the door before I could stop him.  Ordinarily I would have gone kicking and screaming after him...."Nooooo, that is too dangerous, you will drive off a mountain!"  But now I just make the sign of the cross, and ask God to keep him safe, not like I can stop him, and just relax.  He knows what he is doing, and at is not up to me anymore.  Then when I hear the car drive up, and I know he is safely home, I say another prayer of thanks.

This is a huge transition for me.  Up to now, I have been fiercely over-protective of these boys of mine. With age I have learned to relax and realize that I have done a good job being mama, and now the rest is up to them.  I have learned that I need to let them enjoy their life, and take a serious chill pill.

Casey lives life a bit on the wild side.  He likes fast cars, drifting, music and fun.  And as much as I worry about him, I am happy for him too.  When he was younger, he always seemed so fragile to me.  As he has grown into a man, I see his strength every single day.  He is fearless, he works hard, and he enjoys life, and that makes this mama smile.  I have not been too thrilled with his choice of girls he will get there eventually.  Love you Casey.

That leaves Blake.  He is only 12, so I have a few years to enjoy having a baby boy.  Yeah, I know, he is hardly a baby, but you know what I mean.  And I have a few more years of being fiercely over-protective. Garrett, Brandon and Casey say I am too easy on him.  "Mom, you are not nearly as strict with Blake as you were with us!"  So every now and then I have to remind myself to tighten the reign a bit.

They grow so fast.  But I am finally at a point in my life where that is A-okay with me.  As long as they are growing up right, they can grow as fast as they want to.  Life is on their time clock now...and they are enjoying every second of it.

I enjoyed another great Sunday evening with Amber and my grandbabies.  Sunday night is never much fun, because the weekend is over, but now I can look forward to Sunday evening because I get to enjoy my daughter-in-law Amber, and my adorable grandchildren.

Have a great Monday planet!  And a wonderful week ahead.
My precious Cooper.  He is soooooo adorable.  I love this little boy so much.  He melts my heart.  :)

 Snacking on some pomegranate seeds with uncle Blake.
 Sweet baby Penny.
 I love her smile!
 Mommy and Penny.
 Balancing with daddy.  :)
Enjoying some uncle Garrett time.

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Miss Lilly snaggle tooth.


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