Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

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The master negotiator strikes again.  Blake is so good at negotiating, that I think he may run a major Fortune 500 corporation some day.  Getting this boy to do things on any schedule other his own, is nearly impossible. Homework "should" be done the second he gets home from school, so that he can relax the rest of the day.  But noooooo....he always has a list of reasons why he does not want to plunge straight into homework after school.  Usually pretty convincing ones too.  And it does not help that I really miss his company all day, and can't wait to enjoy some time with him.

The problem with Blake's homework schedule idea is that if he waits until before bedtime, he can barely keep his eyes open long enough to finish his assignments.  And he has a LOT of them.  Then what ends up happening is that he tells me to wake him one hour earlier in the morning so he can finish.  Giving up precious morning sleep time for homework is nearly impossible when it comes to Blake.  The boy loves his sleep.  And one thing I will say about Blake, he is very adamant about getting ALL his homework done.  I love that about him.  So it is time for mom's executive decisions.  Starting today, it is home from school, healthy snack, then homework before anything else.  End of statement, no negotiating, this is the law from this day forward.

Hopefully I can get this approved by the CEO of Blake Corp.  *grin*

Happy Tuesday planet.  Hope your day was amazing.  Until next time...
Brain food formula...kale, carrot, banana, apple, blueberry, grape, coconut milk smoothie...ready for homework.

 Mama's secret weapon.

"Get him Lilly!"
 "Wake up!"
 Miss Lilly and I make a good team.  :)

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