Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

My 365...

"Aint no sunshine....when she's gone.....erhmmm....when it rains!"

Dreary, dreary, cloudy Saturday.  The "I am going to stay under the covers and read a good book" sort of Saturday.  Too bad I have to work a bit.  According to the weekend forecast, it may be Monday before we can embark on another biking adventure.  I don't mind the chill, but chill + rain = not so great for long bike rides.

It does not help that I got "maybe" three hours of good sleep last night.  Insomnia, not a good friend.  :(  It has been a while since I have had a sleepless night.  I am dragging like a prehistoric alligator walking through a river of molasses.  How is that for a visual?  *grin*

Blake could not sleep very well last night either, and decided he was starving at 12:00 a.m. when he should have been sleeping.  So what does the little stinker do?  Sneak down to the kitchen to make a snack.  Beef Ramen noodles, and tuna fish.!

The smell alone gave me nightmares!  "Blake honey, if you are going to sneak into the kitchen to make a midnight snack, pick something that does not waft strong horrendous odors into mama's bedroom."  ...just saying.

Boys...gotta love em.  :)

It is a three day weekend though...yay...and I only have to work three hours, so all is right in my sleepy world.  And Blake promises never to mix beef Ramen with tuna fish ever again!  *shivers*

My photos of the day...

Fresh fruit anyone?

 A good way to overcome the trauma of a Ramen-Tuna midnight snack.
I took these photos using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  I have to admit, not the quality of my Canon Rebel T3...but not bad.  I love the challenge of different picture taking devices, and have decided to try everything in my arsenal this week for the fun of it.  Although outdoor adventures with a 10 inch Android tablet aren't going to happen, but I am pleased to see the quality of indoor shots.  Not too shabby Samsung. 

Another quality of my lovely Android tablet is that it promotes insomnia.  Who needs sleep when you have the world of media at your fingertips?  Bad...bad...tablet.  :)

***Doggy Daily***
"Hello?  Stop waiving that crazy electronic device in my face and let me in!"
 "Now would be a good time mama.  Before the rain commences."
Music I am listening to today...Tyler Ward.


Random Link of the Day...."Grandma, what were you thinking?"

Until next time..."You smile...I smile..."  :)


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