Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012

My 365...

Cooper is back, and that makes grandma happy.  He will be here indefinitely this time.  Things have taken a bit of a turn for his mother and I am praying that she can work it out. 

Life has a way of constantly turning upside for some people...over and over and over again.  It does not mean they are bad people, or deserve to have never ending adversity, but I believe that at some point things can change.  I sincerely believe in the law of attraction.  You get from life what you put out there.  It is so important to live a good and honest life so that good and honesty come back to you.  Treat people with kindness and respect, and it is kindness and respect that you receive in return. 

I understand that growing up is hard.  I also understand the pain and sorrow of living a less than perfect childhood.  But the past is the past, and today is now.  You can not go through life a victim of your yesterdays because you close to the door to your future when you do. 

If life is not working out for you, or is not being kind, take the time to figure out why...and fix it.  We all have the power to make change in our world.  Dig in our heels and build a brighter, stronger and better future for ourselves.  If you play the will always be nothing more than the victim...of life.

Happy Friday world!  It is a beautiful day in Idaho today.  The sky is crystal clear blue and beautiful and it is a chilly 29 degrees f.  The weekend weather looks delightful!

May your day pass with positivity and happiness, and may your weekend be peaceful and relaxing and don't forget to have fun.  If you have a heavy heart, reach out with kindness, and kindness will reach back for you.

My photos of the day...

Magical little stress ball...I don't know what I would do without you.
 A beautiful clear day.
 ***Doggy Daily***

"No stress here mama."
 Music I am listening to today...Mary Chapin Carpenter

Random Link of the Day...Cheat Sheet

Until next time..."Why walk when you can fly?"


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