Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

My 365...

There I was last night, working late, enjoying a nice quiet evening of productivity...(playing Terraria with Blake...shhhh), when all of a sudden the display on my HP notebook screen started to flicker.  Brought to mind the railroad scene from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

"Oh my gawd...I am being contacted by the alien mother ship!"

I can just see the headlines now..."Fifty year old grandmother in Idaho abducted by aliens!"

Then a message appeared in the lower right corner of my screen...(with a spaceship icon) that read, "HP Power smart warning, AC output adapter is too low for this computer."


Several Google searches later I surmised that my power supply brick died a miserable death.  Poof...just like that.  *sigh*

I called HP support and spoke to a delightful man named Sam who confirmed my fears...the brick is dead.  May it rest in peace.  :*(

Of course my warranty just expired a week ago!!  >:o{  So I had to place an order for a replacement power adapter.  It arrives on Friday...if the delivery goes as scheduled.

So what is mama to do?

I have to work, I have to home school, I have to blog, I have to "photo a day", I have to communicate with the world!!

Apple to the rescue!

Enter trusty four year old Mac Mini.  I purchased this Mac Mini when I worked for Apple years ago.  I brought it upstairs, powered it on, and it literally purrs like a kitten.  The little beast runs beautifully!  Like brand new.  Gotta love a Mac.  :)

So life goes on without too seriously of a technology hiccup.  Although with five computers in this house, I don't think it would have been too much of a disaster. 

My Photo of the Day...

***Doggy Daily***

"Take me to your leader.  Oh wait...I AM the leader!" 

Music I am listening to today...Allison Krauss & Union Station

Random Link of the Day...An Apple a Day keeps the Technology Blues Away!

Until next time..."Haters only hate, the people they can't have or the people they can't be."


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ Love,


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I am a work from home mom of five amazing children, and five beautiful grandchildren. Enjoying my 50's and all that life has to offer.

Time to start a new 365.

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