Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

My 365...

Happy Wednesday!  Half-way through the week...thank goodness.

Blake has been working hard all day on the design, and a name, for his Youtube gaming channel.  He is discovering the difficulty that can be the creative process.  For a 10 year old, mommy is quite impressed thus far.  Stay tuned...

Cooper has been here this week, and has not been feeling so well.  Poor baby, he got some immunizations on Monday, and they have left him feeling a little under the weather.  But Brandon is a good daddy and has been taking very good care of his son. 

I was cooking some chicken and dumplings for dinner and little Cooper wanted grandma to hold him.  Every time I put him down he would cry, so I would instinctively want to pick him up. 

Brandon would say, "Mom, stop spoiling him.  He can cry it is not going to hurt him." 

This is true, but "grandmothers" and "spoiling" are synonymous.  So I would do what every grandmother would do...pick him up.

Besides...grandma can NEVER be the bad guy!  :)

Blake and I are going to enjoy a movie night tonight.  Just chill and partake in some funny cinema.

My photos of the day...

I hooked my camera up to the Mac to load pictures and discovered that I can control the camera through the computer.  It has live preview so you can set the camera on a tripod, aim, focus and shoot all using the computer.  So cool!  We had a some serious fun with that!

 "Hi grandma, what's for dinner?"  Cooper discovered the magic that is the refrigerator.  :)
 *** Doggy Daily***

"Hey Miss Lilly, want to fetch a ball for me?"
 "Uhmmm no, divas do not fetch dear."
 "Okay then, we can just hang out together."
 " annoying.  Hanging out?  Really!  I have no time for this..."
Music I am listening to today...Katie Melua

Random Link of the Day...Annie Leibovitz

Until next time..."Every time a door closes, another opens somewhere else.  I think, it's, like, an air pressure thing." ~Allyson


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ Love,


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