Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

My 365...

We are almost there! Where is there you ask? There is my favorite season...Fall! Okay, so we are not almost there, but at least here in Idaho it will feel closer to "there" sooner than later.

I am not a fan of summer. It is so hot and dry and everything in the garden starts to turn brown. Keeping the the grass green would cost a small fortune in this house as the yard is so huge, so brown is the new green around here.

I am feeling a bit better today than I have been. Still have not tried the new medication that the doctors insist I take. Maybe this evening I will give it a try. I really hate medication. When I was younger I would not even take an aspirin for a headache and now I have one of those handy dandy Sunday through Saturday medicine cases to help me organize all the poisons I am on. Really I should not complain as they do keep my dreaded diseases at bay.

The diet is hard for me. Not because the food is not enough, but because it is too much. Remembering to eat three meals plus two snacks a day is way more than I am accustomed to. Usually my breakfast is a cup of tea or coffee, then I will not eat a meal until 7 or 8pm at night which is the worst time to be eating anyway. For example it is already 2:30pm and I have had a banana and a cup of coffee. I am just not hungry! Grrrrr.....

Also, trying to find foods that stay within the restrictions is virtually impossible when going to the grocery store. EVERYTHING has corn syrup, or trans and sat fats. The offerings in our grocery store should be outlawed! No wonder Americans are so unhealthy. Fortunately with Jack working in the produce department, he can bring me fresh fruits and vegetables. :)

Let me introduce to you my nemesis...the evil banana!

Look at it standing there taunting me. "I am the perfect food" nanananana. Yeah whatever! I am not sure what it is about bananas that I dislike so much, but I do. Needless to say this one has taken an hour for me to finish. But I will...eventually. I know it is "good" for me. :)

The boys are totally on board with eating healthy with mommy. We have been for quite some time now for the most part. Fast food has been out of our diet for a while now. No one should eat fast food, it is just evil. The closest we will get to fast food these days is sub sandwiches from Chicago Connection because they deliver and everything is fresh. Otherwise I cook every day! The boys have even made the transition from Cap'n Crunch cereal to Whole Grain Cheerios! They actually like the Cheerios with fresh fruit better than the sugary garbage.

Okay enough talk of food. The truth is that we should all eat healthy. Don't wait until your organs get angry that you are feeding them garbage, take the steps now to take care of your body. Especially if you have children. High blood pressure, Diabetes, liver disease...not a good thing! Teach them young the importance of good nutrition and exercise. Oh and America I have a question for you? Why does it cost more to eat healthy than it does to eat garbage? Get it together America, that is just wrong! other nemesis! *sigh* Doctor said at least 10,000 steps a day. I think I am on....23? lol :)

Have a great Sunday world! I am off to take care of the rest of this evil banana....then take some more "steps" 24, 25, 26.....


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