Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

What a long day this has been! It started out a bit rough, with doctor visits. Had some not so great news, but with new medication and careful management I can get through this.

After seeing both of my doctors, Blake insisted we take a walk on the green belt. I was not much in the mood for a long walk, but he insisted. I am so glad he did.

The weather was absolutely perfect, and we had a wonderful afternoon!

We found lots of hidden streams running along side the river.

We even spied a heron sitting at the edge of the pond looking for his dinner.

The river was gorgeous and so cold!

And off the river was this very large pond, a perfect place to swim.

There were families all around, swimming, biking and enjoying the afternoon.

Blake found the perfect little sandy cove hidden in the trees. We had it all to ourselves... Blake enjoyed a nice dip in the cool water. :)

I love living in this city. There is so much beauty here just a short walk from home.

Life is good! :)

Until next time...


Kristi said...

Sorry to hear about your bad news at the doctor, but happy to read about the fun afternoon with Blake! I know he's so good for your soul! You will be on my mind and in my prayers. (((hugs)))

Veronica said...

Thank you Kristi, Blake is the perfect medicine! Thank you for the hugs and prayers. :)

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