Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

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Happy Monday planet!

Today has been a good day and a bad day.  Good day in that Casey got the okay from his surgeon to start introducing solid food.  No steak or beef jerky yet, but he is not limited to soups and smoothies...yay!  I am so excited for him, he can eat now.  The surgeon says he is doing great, and we need to come in for another follow-up in three weeks.

The bad...I called regarding Jack's benefits, and the news is not good.  He has been working at his new job since April of 2013, and we had not received any information on insurance coverage for the boys or I. When he was hired, he was told there would be a 6 month waiting period to add the boys, and a 9 month waiting period before he could add me.  Jack's benefits started in October, and today I found out through the union that he belongs to, that he can not add the boys or I to his insurance policy for another 19 months!  WHAT??  Unbelievable.

My current coverage, and Casey's current coverage, end on February 28th.  Thank GOD Casey has had all of his surgery and dental work done.  I am not sure what I am going to do?  Step one would be, not to panic.  Step two...take a deep breath.  Step three...remember step one, and figure it out.  Fortunately I have enough medication to last me a few months.  Hopefully by then I will have some coverage through ObamaCare.  With my RA, the annual costs  for my medication alone are over $38,000.  Yes, there are three zeros after that 38, and this is not including the costs for doctor visits and lab work I have to have every 90 days. Oh lawdy, this is going to be interesting...

Time to look for some natural remedies to manage my disease. Or better yet, how about a cure? may be time to move to Canada!

Other than that, it has been an awesome Monday.  The temperature made it up to 58°f, and tomorrow it is supposed to be 60°f.  If it is, I feel a bike ride coming on.  :)

Until next time...

I wanted to take a picture of Casey after his appointment today, to document his progress.  This is what he does for me.  LOL, silly Casey.  :)

Day 42,  post double orthognathic surgery, and cleared for solid foods!

And I even got a smile.
And the best part of the whole day...I got a visit from a grizzly bear!  My awesome some Brandon.  *love*

Music I am listening to today...AC/DC Thunderstuck

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