Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 20, 2014

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Today started out as a really bad day.  Nothing earth shattering, life threatening, or detrimental to any one's health...or even anything to do with family...just annoying, stressful, stupid paperwork/red-tape sort-of-stuff.

But that is okay, Amber brought the babies over today, and Cooper and Penny make everything better.  :) Amber talked me into watching "The Office" on Netflix.  I have never watched it before, and she thought it would cheer me up.  Amber has amazing taste in TV series.  We did not get very far with all the boy noise, but I can see why everyone likes the show so much.  Pretty funny stuff! "Thank you Amber!"

At one point, it got really quiet in the room.  Why?  Because everyone was engaged in technology. Garrett was playing on Cooper's DS, Casey was playing on Amber's DS, Blake and Cooper were on Blake's Android tablet, and Amber was playing a game on her cell phone.  I have to admit, it was pretty funny.  We are a family of techno-geeks after all.  Son Brandon was at work, but believe me...had he been here with us, I am sure he would have been on his technology as well.  We are all such nerds.  "You would have been proud of us son."

Everything will be okay as far as the "annoying stuff" goes. I hate paperwork! To be honest, it will be better than okay, I just have to remember to be patient.  I also need to remember to count all my blessings, and to keep enjoying my glass of life that is always half-full, and never half-empty.  :)

Hope you had a great day planet.  If not...tomorrow will be better!

Until next time...
Cooper was showing me his new Nintendo 2DS.
 Amber, Cooper and loves.
 Amber giving me her famous look of "chill out woman" :)

 Cooper, showing uncle Garrett his new 2DS.
 Cooper, playing some Minecraft on the XBox.
 Sweet P!
 Here Penny is wondering why grandma always has a camera in her face?
She thinks I am pretty funny.
Casey:  "Feeling blue mom?  Put a little bubble wrap on your head, it makes EVERYTHING better!" 
"Dude...Luigi's Mansion in way....."
 Sweet Penny smiles.
 Cooper with uncle Blake.

  Penny had her fill of all the fun, and fell asleep in her bouncer.  Precious baby!!  :)

Music I am listening to today...Harry Connick, Jr.  One Fine Thing

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