Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

My 365...

I have an old HTC Evo 4G cellphone that I have not used in years.  Blake had been using it to watch Netflix, Youtube, play games, and take pictures and video. The thing works beautifully, and did not have a scratch on it.

A few weeks ago, Blake took it to school to take a picture of his math and language assignment that is ONLY posted on the bulletin board.  In other words, if you don't get the assignments done in class, and you do not take a picture of the clues on the bulletin board, it is impossible to finish the exercises. (Don't even get me started  on how upset I am over this ludicrous method of teaching.  Pfft!)  I digress...Blake was running through the playground, the phone fell out of his pocket and the glass shattered.  Needless to say, he was devastated!  Mama was not too happy either.

Since then, I have purchased him a 7" HP Slate Android Tablet for his Netflix, Youtube, Skyping and gaming enjoyment.  It is a really cool tablet, one that he is not permitted to take to school!  The poor little Evo was shelved, all cracked and broken hearted.  Yes, I believe that technology has feelings too.  Don't judge me!  lol :P

Being the die-hard, techno-geek that I am, I can not stand wasted technology. There was no way I was going to invest any money in having the screen repaired since Blake is not allowed to have a smart phone yet anyway. I did some EBay shopping, and found the screen replacement, tools included, for only $7.99.  I figured what the heck.  I will either completely destroy the thing, or, make it new again.  Give this geek a challenge, and I can not resist.

The part came today, and in less than an hour, the Evo is just like new!  I am so proud of me.  :)
 Oh so pretty again.

It was a tiny little bit complicated, only because my old eyes don't see as clearly as they used to.  For the record, in my humble opinion, there is NO WAY repair shops should charge as much as they do to repair broken phone screens. Just saying...any mom geek can do it.  As for why I did it? It is not like we use the phone any more?  I did it...because I could.  Truth be told, as much as I love being retired, I am missing my daily dosage of techno-geeky-goodness.  :P

Hope your day was awesome planet!

Until next time...
Some random pictures from my world today...

Casey and I had a relaxing day.  
Casey may have been a little too relaxed...lol  

Much against my better judgement, I let him try a little bit of soft scrambled egg today.  He also got a little bit of jerky chew, which is beef jerky that has been ground up into tiny little jerky dust.  I say dust, because it looks like sawdust...ewwww, mama in not a fan of beef jerky.  He did fine with it, but I told him it is back to a liquid diet until we see his oral surgeon next week.  Better safe than sorry.
Miss Lilly was feeling pretty chill too.

Music I am listening to today...Heather Small, Proud

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