Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

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Rawrrrrrrr!  That was Casey and I last night.  We experienced one our of "rip-roaring" arguments that we engage in every now and then.  It does not happen often, but when it does..."Katie Bar the Door" baby. Ear plugs required, to be in our general vicinity.

Let me start by saying, that this break-down/blow-up of nuclear melt-down proportions, was due to occur at any time now.  Casey has just been through SO much with his surgery.  Add to that the stress of, "what do I want to do for the rest of my life?" and you have the perfect storm.  It does not help that he does not have a strong father figure in his life.  He still wants to enlist in the military, as has been his dream all of his life, however now it seems that having metal plates installed in his face, may be detrimental to his future military career.  Really?  Ridiculous.  Is it an insurmountable obstacle?  Probably not, but it does add stress to an already stressed young man.  He also wants to go to college.  Not just any college, but he REALLY wants to be a master auto mechanic.  He LOVES cars, and I think that is awesome.

Casey is also enormously frustrated that his body is exhausted.  He just does not understand that the surgery that he just underwent 35 days ago was very traumatic.  He really, truly expected to bounce back with no difficulty what-so-ever.  He did not expect to lose over 30 pounds in the process.  No matter how much I emphasize the temporary that is his current condition, it does not make him feel any better. Another unforeseen problem is the emotional impact of how different he looks.  When he sees his reflection in the mirror, it is as if a stranger is staring back at him.  This has caused a lot of anxiety for him.

I remember being 19.  High school was in my rear view mirror, college was right in front of me, and the last thing I wanted to do was four more years of school.  I wanted to work, I wanted to buy a fast, sexy, sports car and not have a single care in the world.  I was also recovering from orthognathic surgery, and just like Case is now, I was experiencing HUGE emotional angst with my was very heavy.  Being 19 is not easy...add all the other stresses, and it was the darkest period of my life.  So I get it.  I know exactly what Casey is going through, and it breaks my heart for him.

Then there is me.  I am so hormonal.  I am also coming off the stress of Casey's surgery and ongoing recovery...and I am physically and emotionally exhausted.  I am 9,999,999 percent devoted to my sons.  I love them so much, so that can make this mama a little crazy at times.  Okay, okay...a lot crazy at times.  :P

After over two hours of intense communications, mixed with a lot of "rawrrrrrr!", we were both able to exhale and get over it.  Garrett and Blake maintained a safe distance while the confrontation was taking place, then they both swooped in for a proverbial group hug.  In other words...all is well.

I have to say planet, being a mom is not easy, but I would not trade this gig for anything in the world.  Wait, I would change one thing.  I would invent the magic wand of epic goodness.  Why oh why is there no magic wand of epic goodness?  One that makes everything instantly better.

*sigh*  I love my Casey, and I am SO proud of the man he has become.  There is no question in my mind, that he will succeed in life.  I love all my babies, and am so thankful to have them in my life.  :)

Today we are all chilling.  My amazing daughter-in-law Amber came by about 1:00pm to pick Blake up and take him out for some fun on this "no-school" President's Day holiday.  Cooper really wanted to play with uncle Blake today.  Casey and I enjoyed a nice peaceful day, then he spent the afternoon shooting some hoops with his friends.  Bottom line...the planets are back in alignment, and all is awesome with my little family.

Until next time...
Day 35 Post Surgery...He is getting there.  :)
"I love you Casey."
His favorite place to be...working on a car.

Music I am listening to today...Lil Wayne, Mirror

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