Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5, 2014

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Happy Wednesday planet!  We are enjoying a nice snowy day here in Boise.  Winter is definitely still here, and I love it!

The house is feeling back to normal now after my vacation.  All light and cheer have been restored to our space.  Unfortunately, and quite sadly, the "father" of our establishment...and I use the term "father" quite lightly, has a tendency to bring everyone down when I am not around to police the situation.  In other words...he is an "ass-hat" jerk.  He treats everyone...including the poop.  He knows better than to behave in such fashion when I am around. Honestly, I don't know what his problem is?  We have been together for 30 years, and as he gets older, he is growing into a bitter, grumpy old fart.

He made the grievous error of upsetting Blake before school yesterday, and it ruined Blake's entire day. That is NOT okay with me, and is a HUGE mistake in my eyes.  It is very important to me that the boys always start their day on the right foot.  I caught wind of the situation, and promptly sent Jack to time out. Mama bear gave old fart an epic, hair curling "Rawrrrr!!!!"

I can be scary when I rawrrrr!  We have not seen or heard from him since.  Oh he is here, however he has been banished to his corner of the house.  How in God's name, can a man be a father of amazing children for almost 28 years, and not feel so blessed and proud?  How can he not want to do everything in his power, to make sure his children know that they mean the world to him?  He is such an ass-hat.  If he chooses to live his life in a negative fashion, he shall remain banished to his corner until he gets his act together.  You see, the love and the light have power here. Anything less is unwelcome in my kingdom.  Hopefully he figures that out before he finds himself living miserably alone.

"Rawrrrr!!!!"  Don't mess with this mama bear's cubs.

My boys and I however, have had a fabulous day. I will accept nothing less than fabulous for my sons. :)

Hope your day was awesome too planet.

Until next time...

Today is Enbrel day.  I have not had an injection in over a month.  I did not want to be anything less than 100 percent for Casey during his surgery and recovery, so I skipped the Enbrel.  It tends to make me feel a bit tired.  I am happy to report that after today's injection, I feel pretty darn good.  Thank you medical science!

Casey's stash.  These are his favorite things to eat.  Thank goodness that Campbell's has a nice variety of soups.  They blend well in the blender too.
This is our favorite.  I say "our" because I am on a liquid diet with Casey so he does not feel left out.  I hate eating anything solid in front of him.  We do love Ensure.  We have decided that it must have an addictive ingredient, because we can not get enough of this stuff.  It is so tasty.
 It is snowing today.
 Miss Lilly is not a fan of the white stuff.

Music I am listening to today...Red Hot Chili Peppers, Can't Stop

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