Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 15, 2014

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Another grey, rainy day in my Boise today.  Looks like it is going to be much of the same for the coming week.  But that is okay, I can continue to hibernate for just a little bit longer.  All this dampness is doing a number on my RA, but I know it is temporary.  Boise is the high desert after all.  Our cool, perfect, dry weather will be back soon, and I will be able to move around with less pain and stiffness.

Blake and I were talking about all the awesome adventures we could start having on our bikes, when it starts to warm up a little.  I am definitely going to need to buy him a new bike, as he has outgrown the one he has. He will be needing a new helmet too.  I was thinking I may need to get a new one for myself?  Nah...I love my old beach cruiser.  I can not even begin to fathom my biking adventures on any other bike than my Panama Jack.  That bike has easily over 1,200 miles on it...I think it can handle another 1,000 miles or so. I am hoping Blake and I can break our biking record this year.  I do love riding my bike...and taking pictures of course.  :)

Today we relaxed, my Blake and I.  He spent the day playing video games and watching movies with Miss Lilly, while I enjoyed a "House of Cards" marathon on Netflix.  Casey is back to working the night shift, so he works from 9 PM until about 6 AM the next morning, then sleeps through the day.  He is doing great my Casey.  He has finally graduated from those horrible feeding syringes to a regular straw, or drinking straight out of a glass, now that he can open his mouth a little bit.  Eating is SO much easier this way.  He is still on a liquid diet, but at least there are more options since he can handle a little bit of texture.  Yay!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend thus far planet.

Until next time...
The Diva, Miss Lilly, chilling with her Blake.

Watching every move I make.

Music I am listening to today...Ben Howard, Oats in the Water

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