Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014

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Happy Monday planet!  :)

This has been an awesome Monday for me.  I woke up relatively early, and took care of business.  I had already filed all our taxes before I left for vacation, and today I confirmed that everything was accepted and in order.  I also filed Casey's taxes for him, and he will be getting his first refund ever.  He is pretty excited about that.

The boys are really happy to have me home, and that makes me feel so loved.  They tell me the house feels like a depressing dungeon when I am not here, and it was absolutely miserable.  They really appreciate all that I do for them.  Awww, that makes my heart happy.  :)

I sent Casey to the store to get all the groceries.  He came home with every awesome flavor of soup he could get his hands on,  every variety of juice he could find, and 4 six packs of Ensure.  I expected that. What I did not expect were the Oreos, vanilla ice cream and a cherry pie.  He has learned to work some serious magic with a blender.  lol  He is bound and determined to get back that 20 pounds he has lost.  My daughter in law made some of her delicious chili on our vacation, and she gave Casey some of the leftovers.  He tossed it all in a blender and made the most delicious chili shake ever!  Yep...chili shake is now a thing.  He will be so happy when he can eat solid food again.  He is healing well, and feeling good, so that is all that matters for now.

I did have an amazing vacation, but I am also happy to be home.  Time to infuse some love and light back into my home.  I can do that.  :)

Hope you had a great Monday planet!

Until next time...
Even the dogs were happy to see me.  Although Miss Lilly is still a little mad that I had the audacity to leave her behind in the first place.
 "I will never forgive you mama!"
 "Unless of course you would like to give me a piece of cheese."

Music I am listening to today...The Civil Wars, Barton Hollow

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