Friday, February 7, 2014

February 7, 2014

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Happy Snow Day!

Not sure why we are having a snow day, as we only had a couple of inches of snow.  It has been pretty much like this all week?  But hey, I get to spend the entire day with my boys...yay!

Blake had SO much homework last night, but together, we got it all done.  I woke up at 6:00AM to fix him breakfast, and received an email from the school district announcing a snow day.  I let Blake sleep in.  Around 10:00am he leaped out of bed..."Oh my God mom, I am going to be late!"  I told him not to worry because it was a "SNOW DAY!!"  He was so excited, that he went back to sleep.

Garrett decided to get ahead of the storm, and shovel the snow for me.  Garrett has a very unique way of doing things...he does them backwards.  He "reverse" shoveled the snow for me, so we may be trapped inside until Spring thaw.  He piled the snow up against the door.  Oh Garrett...gotta love him!  And we do.  :)

In other news...Sheldon kissed Amy!  Woot!  Oh Sheldon rock my world.

Hope you have a great weekend planet!

Until next time...
Snow Day, February 7, 2014
 Garrett's reverse shoveling.
 We may be trapped inside until Spring.  Thanks
 Blake is very pleased with big brother's shoveling style.
 Dozer loves a good snow day!
 "Okay, I am outside."
 "And it is too cold!"
 "Coming back in..."

My Facebook video.  I love that it can be edited now.  Good job Facebook!

Music I am listening to today...A Great Big World...Is There Anybody Out There

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