Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 11, 2014

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Today Casey had his 4 week post-op visit with Dr. Griffiths, his oral surgeon.  Dr. G. said Casey looks great, and is healing well.  Still no solid foods...bummer.  Despite all the food he is eating, and as often as he is eating, poor guy is still losing weight.  I can't wait until he can eat solids again so we can fatten him up.

Casey has decided to go back to work tomorrow night.  I still feel like it may be too soon, but he needs to work.  Casey gets really frustrated when he is just sitting around doing nothing.  I know he will be happier once he is working again, and he has promised not to do any heavy lifting.

We see the surgeon again in two weeks.  Slowly, but surely, he is getting there.

Hope you had a great day everyone!

Until next time...

 Beautiful Boise foothills.
 Table Rock Mountain.
 Casey, day 29 post surgery.  Looking awesome!

 And he is feeling awesome too.  :)

Here is a photo-journal of Casey's surgery and recovery thus far.  I am so thankful to God, Casey's surgeon and orthodontist for bringing him through this amazing journey.  

Music I am listening to today...Kid Rock - Lonely Road of Faith

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