Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 8, 2014

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Happy "lazy" Saturday.  It snowed all night, then started to snow/rain this morning.  It is too cold and wet to go outside, so Casey, Blake and I are enjoying a lazy Saturday.  Thank goodness for good technology, Netflix and Youtube.

We had our "daily" early morning wake-up call.  There is a little boy who lives down the street, who loves to play with Blake.  He comes to the door, several times a day, and rings about 10 times.  Then he makes a mad dash for the sidewalk to wait because he is deathly afraid of dogs.  The problem is, that he rings the door so much, that the dogs go absolutely insane!  Not to mention the fact that it gives all of us a heart attack.  I have decided that it is time to disconnect the door bell. Either that, or I am going to start letting Supra the Great Dane, and Dozer the Great Pyrenees, answer the door.  Hmmm, maybe I will just let Miss Lilly deal with him.  She can be one fierce little diva!  I don't want to give the poor child heart failure, but enough is enough!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend thus far planet.

Until next time..."Beware of Dogs!"  :)
I love it when it snows, because it is so light outside at night.  I took this photo at 3:32am.  Yep...if you can't sleep, grab your camera and explore.  :)
 Blake, enjoying a lazy day.

 Snow...rain...snow again.  It is going to be a messy weekend.
Son Garrett is a photographer, so he carries a lot of camera equipment everywhere he goes.  This is the contents of his back pack.  No wonder it weighs a ton!  He has so many cameras,lenses, and stuff, and he never leaves home without all of it.  Ya never know what you are going to need.  He does not even need to go to the gym every day to work out...he does that every time he lifts his back-pack.  lol
Here is an awesome picture of Garrett, taken by his friend on a shoot the other day.  Garrett, wearing snowshoes to get to the shoot location, with heavy backpack full of equipment, and a quadcopter on his back.  That is some serious dedication to the craft.  Way to go Red Mountain Creative.

Music I am listening to today...American Authors, Best Day of My Life

And for your viewing pleasure...Toast!

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