Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

My 365...

Blake decided that he was going to stay up all through the night, and through the day, so he can try to get back on schedule.  I woke up late today, and what do I find?  Blake sleeping peacefully.  I think rather than stay up for 24 hours to get back on a somewhat decent schedule...he needs to sleep for the next 48.  Poor baby is so tired.

I was sitting alone this evening, reading through all the awesome messages I have received from family and friends thinking how badly I wanted to be able to pick up the phone and call my mom and dad and shout..."Mom, Dad, you have a great granddaughter!"  But I can't.  I know they would have been thrilled to know that they now have three great grandchildren.  Two boys, and now a precious baby girl.  I miss them so much...especially on momentous occasions like this one.  I know they would have adored Cooper, Penny and Ollie.  I am sure they are looking down from heaven with great big smiles on their faces.

I did do the next best thing...I called my aunties.  My aunt Rita in Dallas, and my Nana in San Antonio.  They are both thrilled over the news, and can't wait to see pictures.  Of course I will be sending them a lot of pictures.  I have to say, it still sounds so strange to say "I am a grandmother!"  It feels wonderful, but still very surreal.  Definitely the most amazing milestone ever.

Hope your day was peaceful planet.  Until next time...be happy.  :)
"I will just stay awake until tomorrow mama."

"Sure you will son."  :)

When it comes to beverages, there are only three things I drink.  Water, freshly brewed Jasmine or Oolong tea, and the occasional glass of orange juice.  I don't drink soda, milk or coffee.  Garrett introduced me to the "Neuro" line of drinks, and I have to say that Neuro Bliss is delicious!  I really enjoyed it.
After all, there is happiness in every bottle!
I stepped outside this evening to water Blake's tomatoes, and they smell heavenly!
And the blooms are still coming in.

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