Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013

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Do you know what really feels good planet?  Being up, out of bed and ready to go before noon.  I know, I know, most "normal" people are up WAY before noon.  Lately, we are way outside of normal, but with some scheduling adjustments, that is changing.  And I have to feels good.

It also felt good to wake up to a clean house.  Everything was nice and clean, dishes done, laundry done, and every room in order.  Well...almost every room.  Jack and Casey have pretty messy spaces, but all I have to do is close their doors.

The plan for today was grocery shopping and pharmacy by bike.  Make a dinner picnic, then a nice evening ride on the green belt.  Blake an I left for errands about 2:30pm.  It was "supposed" to be cooler today, so I figured errands on bike would be fun.  What I forgot to do was eat.  Garrett is always telling me I need to fuel my body.  Eating is boring...who needs fuel?

When we left there was a nice breeze, so it did not feel hot outside.  We rode to Walgreens to get my prescriptions.  When we arrived, I realized I did not have a bike lock.  Unfortunately, either did Walgreens, but there was a Shopko across the street.  So we rode to Shopko to get a new bike lock for our bikes.  The ones we have at home are always on Jack's or Casey's bikes, and we always forget to grab them.  Now Blake and I have one of our very own.  Yay.

We were leaving Shopko and noticed a Dollar Store across the road, so off to investigate that store for a bit.  We managed to score two new bike flashlights and batteries for our nighttime rides.  Yay number 2!

Then off to the grocery store.  Blake told me I should have hooked up the bike trailer, but my list was not THAT long.  I figured with my cloth grocery bags, and my bike basket I could handle the ride home.  Right?

Of course I needed a gallon of milk, a watermelon, a dozen eggs and various other goodies.  Five full bags later, I was ready to ride home.


"Yes Blake?"

"You are going to die."

"LOL, Dude, oh ye of little faith.  Mama's got this."

By then it was 97°f (weatherman you said cool dude?)  and I had heavy grocery bags hanging off each handlebar, a watermelon strapped to the back of my bike, and a basket full of heavy stuff, including a gallon of milk.  No big deal.  Off we went.  We got about two blocks from the grocery store, and I suddenly felt this HUGE wave of "OMG, I think I am going to faint!"  What the heck?  So what do I do?  Pedal faster.  lol

When we got home, Garrett came running out of the house to scold me.  "Mama, what the heck are you doing?  I could have gone to the store for you?"

"Yeah son, but it would not have been as much fun."

Mama can do anything....she is like a boss!

It was a great day. We may...or may not...take an evening bike ride.  I don't want to push my luck.  There is always tomorrow.  Hope your day was great planet!
A nice day for biking errands.

 New bike goodies.
My grocery shopping partner.

 "Mom, how the heck are you going to carry all those groceries home?"
  Total ride...4.17 miles.

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Music I am listening to today...Pink  Dear Mr. President

Random Link of the Day...Chickpea Salad < --- Mom would have loved this.  :)

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