Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30, 2013

My 365...

I am so lonely!!!  And so it begins.  Empty nest.  :*(

Blake will be starting school in the fall in a regular public school.  He is done with the "Home Schooling" experience, and is ready for sports, fun and regular stuff.  I am really excited about it, but a little sad too.  A few days ago, he decided that he wanted to walk to the park down the street all alone.  I know, he is going to be 12 in a few days, but I don't approve of him going ANYWHERE alone!  I have to be realistic too. There are no boys his age in our neighborhood.  There are a few girls, but they annoy the heck out of Blake.

So I let him go yesterday.  I made him take a cell phone with him, and told him he had to be home before dinner. It just so happened that there is a supervised summer day camp at this park for children his age, and he met many new friends that he will be going to school with next year.  YAY!

Bright an early this morning, he was ready to go meet his friends at the park again today.  He has been gone practically ALL day, having a blast with his new buddies.  What is really cool is that every day the city provides free lunches for all the children in the park as part of their free school lunch program.  So not only does he get to have a fun day with his new friends, but he gets a free lunch as well.  Win...win.

I am so proud of Blake.  He is such a cool, outgoing young man, and makes friends so easily.  This is going to be a great end to his summer, and a great start to his new school adventures.

Mama is a little lonely...but life is really good for Blake and that is ALL that matters to me.  :)

Who is the only person on the planet who can pull off a pink shirt and pig tails while working tech support for the largest Fortune 500 computer company in the world, and get away with it?  My son Brandon of course.  I LOVE his style!!
 LOL, Amber photo-bomb.  :)
It is Cooper and Penny day!  I love my grandbabies so much.

The lovely princess Penny.
 Beautiful baby girl!

Getting some grandpa snuggles.  :)

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"Psst Ducati...Miss Lilly is photo-bombing you."
"So what else is new mama?"

Music I am listening to today...Walk Off The Earth, REVO in Paris  <---AWESOME new video!

Random Link of the Day...Thai Pearl Milk Tea

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