Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013

My 365...

July 25th?  Wow this month is passing by so fast.  I am glad though, it has been a bit of an off month.  Other than the birth of my precious grand daughter of course.  Without question one of the most amazing days of my life!  The temperatures have been ridiculous, our sleep schedules are all backwards, our bike riding time has been very limited.  All of this has left us all feeling Blech!

But no worries, I am making a new schedule that starts Monday, and we are sticking to it like white on rice!  In other words...I am leaving no wiggle room.  I will get Kori to manage our nutrition because she is a boss when it comes to fitness and nutrition.  Garrett can manage our exercise routines...he is the best personal trainer on the planet...and Casey will keep our minds and emotions in check.  Casey should go to school to be a therapist.  He is really good at it!  We have quite the team actually.  I think we should write a book.  lol

I had made a commitment to Blake that effective August 1st, I was going to put the hammer down.  We are going to get on a strict schedule, so that transitioning from home school to regular school will be an easy one.  And our final "Home School" session begins August 1 as well.  I am going to spend the month reviewing what we have learned, and polishing his basic skills so that he is ready for regular school.  Casey is going to work with him on peer relations and also teach him the fine art of negotiations...and if all else fails, how to defend himself against bullies.  I kid you not, this is a conversation they had the other day.  "Bro, you need to be chill, but if some kid gives you a hard time, you need to know how to kick some serious arse as well."  Not sure how I feel about this part just yet?  Like I told Blake, if you anticipate that you are going to have a hard will.  So do not anticipate it.  Everything is going to be awesome for you.

The entire reason we started homeschooling Blake all those years ago was due to issues he had with bullies.  He had a really tough time, and it got to the point to where he refused to go to school.  Those were some trying times let me tell you what planet.  I am so glad they are behind us now.

Blake is an awesome, social, outgoing young man.  I know he will do great in main stream school.  I sincerely have no worries.  Besides, with three amazing big brothers in his corner, he does not have a thing to worry about.  So August 27...look out Boise Independent School District, Blake is ready for you.

Casey is just about ready to enroll in college too.  I think he has decided on BSU or CWI.  He just has to get through a few more tests, then he is all DONE with highschool and will be college bound.  I am so proud of Casey!!  Garrett and Kori will be starting up Fall semester at BSU soon too.  This is going to be a busy house in a few weeks.

One more day until Friday planet!  Blake and I are planning to get a lot of bike riding in this weekend.  We are really looking forward to it.
Not my baby boy anymore.  :*)
 "Dude!  Who you calling baby?"

This gorgeous moth flew into the kitchen this evening.  Blake named him Sylvester Stallone...I say we call him Batman!

***Doggy Daily***
"Who is the queen of the dog world Dozer?"
"You are Miss Lilly."
"That is right dog, and don't you forget it!"

Music I am listening to today...Vanessa Carlton , A Thousand Miles

Random Link of the Day...Grilled Nacho Pizza

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