Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21, 2013

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Hello Sunday.

Blake and I had so many plans for the day.  We the Kings were playing at the Knitting Factory downtown, which meant that our favorite YouTube celebrity Charles Trippy was going to be there.  We love Charles Trippy, so we were going to ride our bikes to town and meet him and the band, and get some pictures like last year.  *Click*  We missed meeting Charles last year because as he was walking with the drummer, Danny Duncan, through downtown, he suffered a seizure and ended up in the hospital here in Boise for a few days.  The bad news is that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor...the good news is that he conquered that brain slug, and went on to have a full recovery.  Yay Charles!

Unfortunately for us today, my body decided to be difficult and uncooperative, and I was not feeling well enough to go anywhere.  :*(  That is the only thing I hate about living with chronic illness.  Sometimes the illness gets to call the shots, and no matter how much I try to fight makes the final decision.  Stooooopid illness!

Blake was a real good sport about it though, and was happy spending the day relaxing.  I am very blessed to have such amazing sons.  They take great care of me when I am feeling poorly.  As I mentioned to Blake, I can count on one hand the times that this illness has called the shots in the last 2 years.  That is pretty amazing odds wouldn't you say planet?  For some reason my RA seems to be creeping back into my life with a vengeance these past few months?  Time for mama to put the hammer down!  I have to show this illness who is the boss.  Rawrrrr.....

Hope you had a great day planet.  Have an amazing Monday and week ahead!
Blake, photo-bombing a tree.  LOL 
 I love the way the foothills look when the sun is setting.
 Where I would rather be.  I found this beautiful wallpaper for my Android Tablet.

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Music I am listening to today...We The Living , Best Laid Plans

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