Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013

My 365...


"Yes Blake?"

"Don't you love me when I am bored?"

"Blake, I love you all the time...and especially when you are bored."

When Blake is bored...he cleans.  In the past when he has been bored, he has scrubbed the bathroom, or cleaned the garage.  Today he decided to clean out the closet for me.  He is so funny. :)

It has been a nice peaceful weekend for us.  I can not say the same for Brandon and Amber though.  Amber had a setback in her post-partum recovery, and ended up spending 19 hours at the hospital through this afternoon.  Thankfully she had her step mama Inez, brother Charlie and best friend Morgan to help her and Brandon.  Poor dears are exhausted.  Please send thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.

Blake and I might take an evening bike ride if he ever finishes the closet, then maybe some Minecraft later.  I did get through season 3 of Game of Thrones.  OMG, someone should have warned me about episode 29!!!  I still need to get through episode 1 of Dr. Who.  I promised Amber I would...and gosh darnit, I will.  "Amber, we shall be Whovians together!"

Finally, my son Garrett is the King of Hilarity!  He is always making me laugh, and making sure I never take life too seriously.  As I was feeling a little stressed out yesterday, he took the time to make me a funny little short film.  May I present...Killer Wasps!  He is such a goof.  I love him.  And for the record...I am not allergic to wasps. My favorite line..."I am so high, I am like even with the mountains."  LOL!

Hope you had a great weekend planet.  Best wishes for an awesome Monday and week ahead.

I see so little of Casey these days as he is always on the go.  So when I do get a minute or two with him, I make him pose for a picture. :)
 Always styling in his Chuck Taylors.

***Doggy Daily***

"Hello, my name is Dozer...but you can call me Forest Whitaker."

Music I am listening to today...Jason Reeves, Never Find Again

Random Link of the Day...An awesome link from my sistah from another mother...Love you Lisa xoxox Coffee Mug Snacks

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Rachael said...

What a great video :) Antidotes are for killing ants, who knew?

Veronica said...

LOL Rachael, never a dull moment with these boys. :)

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