Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 28, 2013

My 365...

A Goddess Festival?  For me?  Oh Boise, you shouldn't have.  But thank you.  :)

LOL, I can be so silly sometimes.  I am not sure what a "Goddess" festival is, but it sounds delightful.  If anything, it should make for some interesting photos.  Then the boys and I are partaking in some delicious Tacos and fun along the river.  It is not often I get both Casey and Blake to join me, so I am very excited.  A friend of Casey's is joining us as well.  It should be great fun.  I love spending time with my boys.

Tonight Amber and my grandchildren will be spending the evening with us while son Brandon works.  I can not think of a more perfect way to end the weekend.

I will post pictures when I return from our day.  Have an awesome Sunday planet!  I know I will.


I had a wonderful day with my sons Casey and Blake, and Casey's friend Sammy.  We took a nice LONG 17 mile bike ride, stopped for dinner, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Goddess Festival at Julia Davis park.  Casey's friend Sammy is a delightful, funny young lady, and I really truly enjoyed her company today.

When we got home this evening, my daughter-in-law Amber, and my grandchildren Cooper and Penny were waiting to spend the evening with us.  It was a perfect day!  :)

 Blake, Sammy and Casey.

 Casey and his friend Sammy.
 Blake and I.
 Strange looking fellow we met at the Goddess

 Fun in the Boise river.

  Total Ride...17.05 miles.
 My adorable grandson Cooper.
 Sweet granddaughter Penny.

"Hi grandma."

***Doggy Daily***
"Mama?  Did you say Doggess Festival?"

"No darling, Goddess Festival...not doggess festival."

"Then it must be for me, I am a diva goddess after all?"

"Of course you are Miss Lilly...of course you are."

Music I am listening to today...Dobie Gray , Drift Away

Random Link of the Day...How to cook an Artichoke.

The Daily V...


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