Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

My 365...

Happy Monday planet.  Blake and I were up super early, because I had a 9:00AM appointment with my Rheumatologist.  It was a gorgeous morning, so I decided that we would ride our bikes.

It was an awesome, cool, breezy ride in to the doctor.  Definitely much cooler than it has been in recent weeks. Even though we had an amazing time yesterday, the bike ride left me feeling exhausted and all out of sorts.  *pout*

The doctor confirmed that I am indeed having a wretched RA flare, and is boosting up my Methotrexate to try to push this beast of a disease back into remission where it belongs.  She also said to keep on doing what I have been doing with the bike riding.  Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle is so important with Rheumatoid arthritis. Doesn't always mean that you can keep the beast in check, but it is much easier to put it in its place when you keep activity levels up.  And even more important, it keeps my spirits up as well.  I love riding my bike!

After the doctor checked me, it was time to have my blood drawn for my quarterly level checks.  The regular nurse was not in today, and there was a new one I had never met before.  She was perfectly delightful, but had a heck of a time finding my veins.  As she kept sticking me over and over again, I thought Blake was going to come flying across the room and deck her.  LOL, he is so protective of his mama.  I will say though, the sticks did not hurt a bit.  I know the nurse felt 100 times worse than I did. I barely felt a thing.

On the way home, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a "few" groceries so I could make some breakfast burritos when we got home.  Casey's friend Sammy was over to spend the day, and I wanted to make them some yummy food.

All in all it was an awesome morning with my Blake.  Of course when we got home, I crashed and burned and took a much needed nap.  I spent pretty much of the rest of the day in bed (which really irritates the heck out of me) but the doctor said I have to be okay with taking some recovery days and learning to pace myself.  I am patient with many things in my life...this disease is not one of them.  "Rawrrrrr....."

My mom battled with RA, and one lesson she taught me that has really kept me strong on this journey is to never EVER give up.  Always keep a positive outlook.  "Thank you mom."

In the words of a famous little blue fishy...

"You know what you gotta do when life gets you down?
"Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!"
"We do we do we swim, swim, swim."
"Oh ho ho how we love to swim."

A gorgeous Boise morning sky.

Silly bear did not even notice he had his shirt on
It is always easy to find a parking spot when you ride your bike.
Doctor Blake explaining the importance of keeping my joints strong.  :)

My commute is definitely more fun than theirs!  You can still see a lot of haze in the valley from fires.  I think that may be why my last few bike rides have been so difficult for me.  The air quality has not been the greatest.  Stooopid fire season.
Grocery delivery.

 ***Doggy Daily***
"Just keep swimming mama."

Music I am listening to today...Rachael Yamagata & Dan Wilson , You Take My Troubles Away

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