Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

My 365...

Happy Monday planet!  Hope your Monday has been kind.  Mine was great!

I was up pretty late last night getting caught up on my favorite TV series.  The Walking Dead left me in TEARS!!   Casey warned me before I watched, "You are not going to like what happens mom!"  But did I listen?  Oh no.  Ugh!

Revenge was awesome as usual, but I have to admit it is starting to get a wee bit predictable.  I am not a fan of predictable story lines.  All I have to say is thank goodness for my favorite series Downton Abbey, or I would have been too wound up to sleep at all.  Downton Abbey is so enjoyable.  Very well written, and I would have loved to live in that era.  Everything was so beautiful back then.  :)

Tonight is Revolution night.  Blake and I really enjoy this series and it is the one we have to watch together.  He likes The Walking Dead too, but I have to watch the episode before I let him watch it.  If it is too scary or gory I will just fill him in on the plot line.  Last night was definitely not an episode I was going to let him watch.  I know...I know, he is already 11 years old what is the big deal?  That is the big deal for me.  He is only 11 years old!  All that sex and gore on TV is not necessary for his young impressionable mind.  Besides, he likes to act all rough and tough, but he did not argue with me when I said NO!  :)

Blake and I love to watch movies and shows together.  At least once a week we go through the coming movie trailers to see what is coming and decide what we want to watch next.  The movie we are both excited for is called Red Dawn.  It looks good!

Have a great evening everyone!  :)

My photos of the day...

Enjoying his morning class with his little diva...

 I'm back!

 ***Doggy Daily***
"Hello mama, froggy and I have decided to stay under the covers today.  Kindly inform us when Tuesday has arrived.  Thank you."

Music I am listening to today...Forever Sickest Kids (As requested by Blake)  Whoa Oh
What can I say?  Our computers are in the same room, and sometimes he gets to control the music.  LOL :)

Random Link of the Day...Cranberry Pistachio Pudding

The Daily V...

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