Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29, 2012

My 365...

I had a meeting scheduled for 9:00am this morning in the next little town over, so the "plan" last night was to get to bed at a decent hour so that waking up would not be too hard.  That was the plan anyway.

I am such a chronic night owl.  I did manage to get to bed early, just before midnight, but could not sleep.  I stumbled upon a new series called "Hart of Dixie", and it was so adorable I could not stop watching.  Being a "southern woman" by birth, it brought back lots of fond memories of living in the south.  After each episode I would think...."enough Veronica you have to go to sleep!"  Midnight...1:00 AM...2:00 AM....3:00 AM....

Then I started to do the "insomniac" math.  You know the kind.  The late night/early morning reasoning with sleep.  If I go to sleep at 3:00 AM, that gives me 4 full hours of sleep before I have to get ready.  I will be fine.  Followed by....well I don't need over an hour to shower and get ready...maybe I can pull off going to sleep at 3:30 AM.  That quickly turned into 4:00 AM, then 4:30 AM.  Needless to say, I did not sleep at all.  When it got closer to 5:00 AM I opted to stay awake and figured I could take a nap when I got home.  Ahh the joys of being self-employed!  Gotta love it.  :)

No worries about a half-asleep zombie driving the roads of Idaho though, son Garrett volunteered to be my chauffeur today.  What an awesome son he is.  If it were not so far away, and freezing cold this morning, I would not have minded riding my bike.

One of these days I will sleep like a normal person.  Until is life my way.

I did have a great meeting though.  Have not had that nap yet...but maybe I will actually sleep well tonight.

Hope you had a great Thursday planet!  :)

 Garrett and I pulled off the road to snap a few pictures of the foothills.
 Looks like the ski resort had a little bit of snow.
This mountain below is called Squaw Butte Summit  Squaw Butte, which towers nearly 6,000 feet over Treasure Valley, lies just northeast of Emmett. Popular with hikers and mountaineers, Squaw Butte gets its name from the area’s original Native American inhabitants who claimed to see the profile of an Indian maiden along one side of the mountain’s summit.
 My little bug studying for finals.

 ***Doggy Daily***
"Where are you going mama?  Can I come along?"
Music I am listening to today...Sugarland , Little Miss

Random Link of the Day...Eggnog Frosting

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