Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

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We are enjoying a nice calm Monday today.  Jack had a meeting this morning to work on his resume and he found it very helpful.  Casey met with the orthodontist to check on his palate expander, and he is doing well.

Today would have been my mom's 82nd birthday.  It is no surprise that mom was born so close to Thanksgiving.  She was one of those special people who everyone was always so thankful to have in their life.  Mom passed away in February of 2007.  It is hard to believe she has been gone for so long.  :*(

I still have the memorial I created for her on my website, and all the great memories forever in my heart.  I also still have the last few voice messages she left me on my phone saved forever safely on disc and an external hard drive.

In Memory of Mom.

"Dear Mom,

Life is going well for us, but I am certain you can see all of that from where you are sitting.  The boys are doing great and they miss you very much.  You now have two great grandsons!  Imagine that?  Mother to three daughters, and our life continues to be populated by little men.  Daddy should have never said...."Will we ever have a boy in this family?" after Meagan, the first grandchild, was born.  His wish was definitely granted with 12 grandsons and now 2 great grandsons.  Thank goodness for Meagan and Becky your two granddaughters right?

As for me, I am holding strong.  That damn RA that gave you so much grief has not been able to get the upper hand on me.  I definitely have that beast cornered and quiet where it belongs.  Just wish we could have done the same for you.  You did fight the good fight though mom, and it is through your determination, faith and love that I have been able to continue to fight as well.

Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for loving me, and thank you for being the best mom a girl could ask for.  You were and will always be my rock star mom.

I think I might try to make your one of a kind, delicious Holiday Orange Slice Cake and yummy-licious tamales this year.  Key word here being "try" because nothing can come close to those two Holiday masterpieces of yours...and favorites of mine.  Christmas just would not be Christmas without them mom...wish me luck!

I love you and miss you so much, but I know we will meet again someday.

Love Always,

Veronica  <3"

Son Casey is feeling a little better today.  :)
I even managed to catch the rare elusive Casey smile.  :)

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Music I am listening to today...Mom's all time favorite, Nat King Cole , Chestnuts

"This is for you mom."  <3
Random Link of the Day...Orange Slice Cake

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