Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012

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Hello Hump Day!  Today has been a brilliant day...finally.  After a few days of "mama funk", we have needed a more cheery day.  I have noticed that when I am feeling blue, it trickles down to my boys and that is not fair.  I feel blue, they feel blue.  I am happy, they are happy.  So I need to BE happy!!  :)

Good things are happening, and one simply needs to focus on the good things to make it through the not-so-good things.  I know that, I just need some reminding from time to time.

Garrett met with Boise State University today trying to get admissions squared away and deciding his next steps.  I am so proud of him.  He has had a tough couple of weeks with life in general, but has such a positive, loving spirit.  He only deserves the very best of what life has to offer.  I am happy to see him rise above the noise and get life done.  <3

Brandon seems to be enjoying his new job.  I know he is going to be so good at it, and he even found a car-pooling situation so that he does not have to stay in Boise all week away from his Amber and Cooper.  That would be too hard for him.  Things are looking up for them, and that makes this mama very happy!

Casey has also been having a tough couple of weeks, so I scheduled him an appointment with his doctor yesterday so he could check in.  We have come to the conclusion that the woman is a complete and total idiot.  Yep, I said it...IDIOT!  Instead of helping him, she made things a thousand times worse.  Well she tried to anyway, but Casey is too strong to be led astray.  He and I talked it through and the conclusion we came to was that Casey is a freaking rock star.  Let me explain...Casey refuses to take a pill to make life easier.  Casey wants coping skills.  He wants to understand life and how to get through it without having to take medication to make it bearable.  Yet all the doctors want to do is medicate him.  Meds to help him concentrate, meds to help his anxiety, meds to help his stress, meds to help him sleep...STOP!  Casey does not want to take ANY medication.  Casey does not NEED any medication...he just wants help understanding life, and that is all.

He gets so frustrated with these doctors, as do I.  Casey is very smart and so in touch with life and that can be overwhelming at times, but he is a survivor.  He is amazingly strong.  He knows how to work it out, and I am very proud of him.  I am in awe of him.  So to his doctors I say....well, you don't really want to know what I say, therefore I shall keep keep it polite..."Thanks, but no thanks."  Time to find a new doctor.  To be honest I worry about how easily doctors medicate these days.  Young adults need coping mechanisms not medication.  I really do believe the doctors that we have met take just as much medication as they prescribe.


Don't get me wrong, some people need medication for various reasons, and I respect that.  However, the answer to life does not come in a magic pill.  Lets not forget that life takes work, patience and understanding.  And above all, life takes courage...and courage does not come in easy to take, perfectly measured little capsules of goodness.  Do we take the blue pill or the red pill?  How about no pill at all.  :)

Blake is doing great.  Blake is always doing great.  Today we decided to bake cookies.  After Math class, we partook in some "Home Economics" and tried our hand at some home made sugar cookies.  Cookies don't have to be round to taste good do they?  Of course not.  So they did not look very much like cookies.  Actually, they looked more like a delicious cobblestone

Hope your hump day was good.

 First we mix the dough...
 ...then form perfect little balls-o-dough....
 ...perfect, tasty little balls-o-dough....hmmmm.....
 ...then we EAT the dough!
 And bake a few to make cobblestone wall cookies.  :)

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"Casey does not need a pill mama, he has me."

Music I am listening to today...Jack Johnson , Imagine

Random Link of the Day...Butternut Squash and Kale Quinoa Stuffing

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