Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1, 2012

My 365...

Happy November 1st!  I can't believe the Holiday Season is here already.  I hope it does not go by too fast.  I want to enjoy it, not be stressed out by it.

"There will be no stress this Holiday Season!"

There, I said it therefore is shall be so.  :)

We had a lot of fun last night on our Trick-O-Treat adventures, but we are SO tired today!  We did a lot of walking and bike riding.  The first thing Blake said to me this morning was, "No bike ride today mom okay?"  He got no arguments from me.  I feel really bad for Casey.  He got so much candy, but can't eat much of it with the torture device (palatal expander) in his mouth.  He will be so happy when that thing is out!  Me too!

Brandon was telling me about my grandson Cooper's Halloween adventures. Imagine the confusion of an almost 2-year-old trying to understand why it was not okay to walk into every house that opened to the door to give him candy, or that it is not okay to ask for more candy when you are only handed one piece.  LOL.  So adorable that grandson of mine.  <3  Every time I think of him my heart squeals with joy.

"I love you Coopy!"

Hope your day was awesome.

My photo of the day...

This is the tree around the block that I see from my window.  Isn't she stunning?

 ***Doggy Daily***

I was watching these two from the window this morning.  So funny! (*click* to enlarge.)
Music I am listening to today...Natalie Merchant , Wonder
Random Link of the Day...Herb Roasted Turkey 

For all of you aspiring is that time again!  NaNoWriMo

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