Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4, 2012

My 365...

Was today Monday?  It felt like a Monday!  The only bad thing about having a three day weekend is all the catch-up work that comes the next day.  There was a lot of that today.

Casey and I had a visit with the orthodontist to start his braces work.  I am really excited to get that process started, but Casey is not so thrilled, which I completely understand.  Step one is creating some space with a spacer on his upper palate.  He will be fitted with that after our first visit with the surgeon on the 13th.  The orthodontist and the oral surgeon will be working together on Casey's case.  He will probably have his wisdom teeth extracted, then the braces, then the surgery.  It is going to be a long road.

My day started out with an awesome surprise visit from my son Brandon and my grandson Cooper.  Cooper is saying so many words now, and is the most precious little spirit.  While Casey and I were at the orthodontist, Brandon took Blake and Cooper to the park and took some awesome pictures with my camera.

It was a great day, but I am ready for a nap!  I don't think there will be a bike ride this evening.  :)

Hope your day was great!

My photos of the day...

 Some awesome pictures taken by Brandon at the park.  :)

"Shhh mom, he is sleeping!"  Blake is such a good uncle.  <3

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"Hello cute little human."
Music I am listening to today...James Ingram
Random Link of the Day...Baked Pasta

The Daily V...It is okay to forgive yourself for not being perfect.  

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