Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012

My 365...

Hello Wednesday.

We are so worn out!  A happy worn out, but worn out none the less.  My precious grandson Coopey gave us all a run for our  Makes me really appreciate the awesome that is my son Brandon.  I know how exhausting it is being a full time mom.  Brandon is an amazing full time daddy, and his Cooper is blessed to have Brandon as his father.

Cooper is so polite and well behaved.  You can see how loved and nurtured he is by his mommy and daddy, and that makes my heart smile.  He is so much fun to play with, and he is so loving.  He gives great hugs and kisses too.

I am really proud of all my boys.  Watching Blake, Casey and Garrett interact with Cooper yesterday was so precious to me.  They are going to be amazing fathers some day and I pray that God grants me the time on this earth to experience all that joy with them as well.

I love my family so much.  We have our moments, and we are not perfect, but the bad moments have been so minute and inconsequential.  There is much love here.  Days like yesterday make me feel thankful to have been placed in this family for my lifetime.

Thank you God. :)

I hope your day has been filled with love.

My photos of the day...

With all the excitement yesterday, I forgot to mention that Casey got a new laptop.  He has used the same K12 provided computer for the last five years and it was on its last leg.  Yesterday we received a brand new HP laptop for Casey to use!  He is so excited, and can now get his school work done in style.  Thank you K12.  They are shipping him a new printer too.
My amazing youngest son, Blake the magnificent.  I mentioned in my post yesterday that there is magic in Cooper's eyes.  Well, there is much magic in Blake's eyes as well as a healthy mix of mischief.

***Doggy Daily***

Dozer is offering Blake a little home school assistance.

Music I am listening to today...Jason Myles Goss , Twilight Serenade

Random Link of the Day...White Bean Dip

The Daily V...We only get one life to live.  We need to live it with love, forgiveness and family.

Until next time...
...was, is and forever shall remain.  :)


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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