Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20, 2012

My 365...

We had a busy day today.  Casey had his first consultation with the craniofacial surgeon this afternoon. We really liked him.  He showed us some pictures of the teenagers he has done surgery on, their before and after photos, and the difference is amazing.  Not to mention the vast improvement to their quality of life.

Casey's jaw alignment problem is pretty severe.  The surgeon said he would not only be shortening the lower jaw, but extending the upper jaw as well.  It is going to be a major ordeal, but I know Casey will do great. He is scheduled to start the braces on October 1st.  The challenge will be having all the procedures done and healed by the time Casey is ready to enlist.  We can do this!

While we were waiting to see the surgeon, a new mom came in with her new born baby boy.  They baby has a severe cleft lip and palate that was going to be repaired.  He was a precious little baby.  :)

After the appointment, Casey and I walked a few blocks to the nearby skate park to meet Jack and Blake. The boys did a little skating before we came home.

I finished the day with a nice long phone conversation with my 93 yo auntie, and she sounds wonderful. She is lonely, and living so far from me in Texas, but she is doing great.  <3  I sent her some updated pictures of her boys, Garrett, Brandon, Casey, Blake and Cooper...and she is very excited to receive them.

For dinner I prepared a simple "meat and potato" meal.  Just the way my boys like it.
All in all...a great day!

My 365...

The doctor is in.  So handsome!  :)
 Hanging 10.

Of course I had to stop to photograph the flowers.  :)

 Has anyone seen the Boise mountains and foothills?  The smoke in the Valley is really bad again.  :*(
I want my mountains back.  And I really miss my bike rides.

 ***Doggy Daily***

"Just laying here doing what I do best.  Looking adorable, blocking traffic, keeping mama's feet warm and Zzzzzzz....."


Music I am listening to today...As requested by Blake, Lindsey Stirling , Crystallize

Random link of the day...Chorizo Potato Bites

The Daily V...Difficulties in life do not define me.  Rather, they strengthen my tenacity and ability to overcome.

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