Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7, 2012

My 365...

Happy Sunday!

Our day started out right with an email from my daughter Meagan.  She sent a photo of my new grandson Oliver, and the boys and I were delighted to hear from her and meet precious little Oliver.  Blake is beyond thrilled to hear from his sister, and so am I.  <3

Happy Birthday baby Oliver!

After breakfast we headed out for our weekend bike ride.  About one mile into the ride, Jack's bike broke down so Blake and I ended up adventuring, just the two of us.  It was fabulous!

We rode our bikes to Kathryn Albertson Park, to enjoy the stunning Autumn colors.  I am happy to report that we did not spot the Mountain Lion that has been on the loose in the area this week.

Then we picked up some hamburgers and went to Blake's favorite park to have a picnic.

We enjoyed an absolutely perfect day.  :)

Have a great Monday planet.

My photos of the day...

Blake meeting his new nephew Oliver.

"He is so cute mom!"
 "Welcome Oliver, nice to meet you."
 Biking adventures...

 Mountain Lion hunting.  Every time we heard something in the trees we had a heart attack.  Squirrels make a lot of noise!

 So much color today!

 For once mama made it up the hill in first place.  LOL :)
 "May I take your order?"

 Yummy cheeseburger.
 Oh look, it is Spiderman!  Oh, it is just Blake.

 Total ride...10.67 miles.
 ***Doggy Daily***
An adorable itty bitty Chihuahua we met in the park.

Music I am listening to today...Jillette Johnson , Torpedo

Random Link of the Day...Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers

The Daily V...


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