Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4, 2012

My 365... hear that?  What is it?  "Too much quiet!"  *sniff*  :*(  Brandon and Cooper went home today and the house is too quiet now.  Blake does create his fair share of noise on a daily basis, but nothing can match the bundle of energy that is my grandson Cooper!

It was awesome having him fall asleep in my arms the night before last, then last night he fell asleep next to me on the bed watching a movie.  He is so precious.  <3

I am going to miss doggy Raymond too.  He likes sleeping on my bed and followed me all around the house. Miss Lilly is happy to see the hairy fellow gone though.  She was starting to get a bit jealous.

Another week down, and we are looking forward to the weekend ahead.  The forecast looks pretty amazing too!

Have a great evening planet.

My photos of the day...

"Good afternoon sleepyhead."  :) 

I love this adorable little face!  <3

***Doggy Daily***

Sweet little ragamuffin RayRay.

Music I am listening to today...Train , Call All Angels

Random Link of the Day...Sopa de Albóndigas de Pollo (Chicken Meatball Soup)

The Daily V...


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