Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012

My 365...

Happy Halloween!!

Blake and I are so excited about Halloween Trick-O-Treating tonight!  We are stopping by the church for a Halloween carnival and "Trunk-O-Treating", then on to do some door to door fun.  Casey is joining us too and that makes me very happy.  He is very much the "cool teenager", but still manages to fit his little brother and mama into his busy social agenda.  Thank you Casey.  :)

We are riding bikes this evening so we are not limited to just a few blocks.  The weather is perfect, in the upper 60's, and the moon is full.  A perfect night for some Halloween fun.

My photos of the day...

 Blake getting his Zombie face on with some help from big brother Garrett..

 The body builder and her trainer.
 My sweethearts.  <3
 These guns are no costume!  You look amazing Kori!!
 Dr. Zombay.

 Oldest and youngest sons.
 "Brains...I need brains...rawrrrrr....."
 My handsome son Casey....
 AKA...Post Chernobyl Stalker!
 Authentic gas mask and equipment.

And for the cuties of the Halloween world...

Grandson Cooper and his little girlfriend Alison.  <3
 "Grandma, I am not sure I like this Halloween thing.  All I have gotten so far is junk mail!"
Have a great Halloween!


Dr. Zombay got lots of candy, and we had an awesome time.  There were so many children out Trick-O-Treating tonight.  It was great to see.  :)
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Music I am listening to requested by Blake, Gettin' Sugar High

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


Deb aka AbcsOfra said...

Happy Halloween! I am giving out the candy this year and so enjoying all the costumes :-)

Veronica said...

Happy Halloween Deb! We had so much fun tonight. Great to hear from you. :)

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