Saturday, October 9, 2010

Supra came to visit!

The perfect way to brighten my day is a visit from Garrett and Supra!  Garrett stopped by to show me the dog collar and leash he made for Supra.  They are so cool!  He also makes a matching bracelet for the owner to wear.  They are made out of very strong paracord that he braids together in this very cool pattern.

Needless to say, I ordered one for the dogs and I!

Ever wonder what 300 pounds of charging dogs looks like?
It looks like this.  Thank God Garrett was standing next to me, of these two would have flattened mama to the ground!  lol :)

Blake loves his big brother Garrett.

Getting a treat from Blake through the fence.  He is literally too big to jump up on the fence!

Supra is such a sweetheart.
It looked like Garrett has someone sitting in the passenger seat of his truck.  Supra is so big, he takes up the entire spot!

All that was missing was Kori and Stella.  I love my babies!  :)


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