Friday, September 9, 2011

September 9, 2011

My 365...

Happy Friday!

Since my blog was mentioned in the Opera Community, I have had many new visitors from all over the world.  That is so exciting to me!  I love the diversity that is the Opera Community, thank you Opera.  And to all my new visitors, thank you for stopping by.  :)

I have discovered a new guilty pleasure that is Pinterest.  I am forever finding web sites of interest and add them to my long messy link of bookmarks, and never go back to them because I forget why I bookmarked the site in the first place?  My bookmark list is a giant dark chasm of mystery.

With Pinterest, you can add delicious interweb discoveries complete with photos and categories pinned neatly to a virtual bulletin board of sorts.

It is also a great new social community, and the members share their sites of interest as well.  I LOVE it!  This afternoon, Amber and I sat and drooled with glee at all the incredible yummy recipes we found.

If you sure to add me.  Veronica's Pinterest.

My photo of the day...

Son Case with his dog Ducati.  Today is Ducati's 6th birthday...that is 42 in dog years.  :)

Casey and Ducati are inseparable.  Ducati tends to drive the rest of us a bit crazy at times as he is so protective of his boy, but I am thankful that Casey has such a loving companion always by his side.

*** Doggy Daily ***

Blake and his little buddy Miss Lilly partaking in a Netflix movie this afternoon.

Music I am listening to today...Michelle Branch.

Random Link of the Day...Do you know what time it is?  (Helvetica Joy)

Until next time..."If you need me, I will be busy living a happy life.  Care to join me?"

Have an amazing weekend world.  <3

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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Time to start a new 365.

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