Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

My 365...

I woke up this morning feeling really off.  Not well at all, so I decided that I was going to completely unplug from the world.  I needed to.

I tried....

Got a good book, pulled the covers over my head, and made a pretty decent attempt to remove myself from my world for just a little while.

Some days I wonder what my family would do if I really disappeared for an entire day?

The door kept opening and closing.  I pretended to be asleep.  It was an exercise in futility.

Not going to happen in this lifetime.  :)

So I got up and took a shower, stopped in to the kitchen to say hi to Amber who was busy working on Kori's birthday cake, and Jack who was preparing the baked chicken for the birthday dinner.  Then quietly snuck back into my room and closed the door again.

Blake came in...

"Son, I am unplugging today."

"Mom, you can't unplug, you are my mom."

He asked me for a hug.  He is so right, there is no such thing as an unplugged mom.  :)

Then Casey, my 16 yo son, came in and asked me to read what he had written on his Facebook regarding 9/11.

He wrote;

"The attacks of 9/11 were horrible, God bless the families of the fallen. Almost 3,000 innocent people were killed by the act of terrorism. 

Since the beginning of the war in the middle east, 4,000+ US Army and Marine personnel have lost their lives in combat. This is a lot of people that have died as a result. However in Iraq since the first bombing operation "Shock and awe" in March of 2003 151,872 Iraqi civilians have died. And the number is so high in Afghanistan it is unknown. 

Not all Muslims are terrorists, nor are they murderous people. Every Religion and race has criminals. Don't think only we lost people, when NATO has done more damage than the attacks in 2001 alone."

As I read this, I was so proud of Case.  Casey was only 6 years old on 9/11.  On that day I kept him home from school and I was glued to the TV holding his brand new 4 week old baby brother Blake in my arms.  What i see in Case is not an anger against a group or nation of people, but a hunger to know the facts of his world today and a desire to fix it. An open mind and an interest in a a planet full of "humans", not a need to blame a single country, race or religious group.  There is evil everywhere and it is up to us to overcome that evil.

September 11, 2001 is a day that should be remembered as not only a day when so many innocent people lost their lives, but also a day when the world changed. An entire planet of innocent men, women  and children, caught in the cross fire of evil.  And we should pray for all of them.  <3

My photo of the day...

*** Doggy Daily ***

Miss Lilly keeping an unplugged mama company.

Music I am listening to today...Nickelback.

Random Link of the Day...Remembering.

Until next time..."Sometimes the questions are complicated, but the answers are so simple."

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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