Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 29, 2011

My 365...

This day started out a little rough, and immediately I start to think about all the things in the world that upset me the most.  That does not work to make things better, so instead I quickly wrote down things that make me happy.  The first 21 things that came to my mind...

1.  Blake.  His sense of humor, the way he guards my heart, his sweet smile and amazing blue eyes.

2.  Casey, when he is not being an impossible teenager he is large and in charge and he genuinely cares.

3.  Brandon, his patience, his big heart, his courage and his tolerance.  Of all my children, he has suffered the most with this crazy life, and you could never tell by being around him.  He is amazing.

4.  Giant Garrett hugs.  They are always so comforting when the world is not.

5.  Reading.  It transports me away from the heaviness that this world can bring.  There are now 491 books on my android tablet.

6.  Kori, Amber and baby Cooper.  Great additions to this family.  <3

7.  Music, it drowns out the negative noise.

8.  Dozer and Miss Lilly...they are always there for me.

9.  A good movie...or two...or three.

10. My Blog.

11. Photography.

12. Writing.

13. Pinterest.

14. Noise cancelling headphones.

15. Leaves changing colors.

16. Thanksgiving.

17. Hot Chai Tea.

18. long as the power does not go out.

19. Candy Corn.

20. Snow.

21. Knowing it is never too late for change.  :)

How is that for random?

**Edited to add**

22.  Great friends.  (Thank you H & D)  <3

My photos of the day...

*** Doggy Daily ***

Music I am listening to to day...Norah Jones.

Random Link of the Day...100 Ways to use Blueberries.

Until next time..."Minimize the negative...celebrate the positive.  Smile."  :)
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


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