Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013

My 365...

Hello Saturday.  :)

Do you remember how I said a few days ago that because I can not ride my bike every day, I am going to do some Tae-Bo to stay active until it is warm enough to start riding again?  Remember that?

I would like to share with you my astounding progress since that announcement.

1.  Transfer all my Tae-Bo videos to the Android Tablet.  Check!

2.  Locate Measuring Tape.  When Tae-Bo'ing, the best way to track progress is by inches lost not pounds.  And trust me, if you do it right, the inches melt away.   Check!

3.  Start an exercise log of my starting points.  All the necessary measurements in the log, and my goals.  Check!

4.  Take before pictures.  Check!

5.  Clear a good open area to do my exercising.  Check!

6.  Ready...Set...Go!

7.  Goooooooo.......

8.  ? ? ?

9.  (*insert the sound of crickets chirping here*)

10.  Hello?

10a....anyone there?


LOL, yep that is me!  All gusto, no glory.  No, not really, I will get around to it eventually.  I am not one for resolutions or to set starting points for new goals.  I think that puts entirely too much pressure on.  I simply start when I am ready.  Like last April, when I decided I wanted to start riding my bike on a regular basis.  No pressure, no schedules, just have fun.  Almost 800 bike miles later, I did just that...have fun.

Routine is important, but not to a point where it stops being fun.  I find that things that work for me, don't necessarily start out as a routine.  They do eventually become routine because I enjoy them.  Doing things I look forward to doing....not making them a chore.

So Billy I come!  Eventually.  :)

I am healthier today than I have been in years.  Exercise has played a huge role in that, as have my teas.  Be it green tea, Oolong, Jasmine or lemon herb, it is all I drink...all day long.  No soda, seldom any milk anymore, just tea or water, and maybe 1/2 cup of coffee two times a week.  I LOVE my teas!  As for eating, I still hate eating.  I can go the entire day without eating a single thing, then have a late dinner.  So unhealthy!  I am going to try to start eating more frequently throughout the day.  Keep my metabolism going.

Speaking of biking, we did learn a valuable lesson today.  Jack rides his bike to work.  Rain, sleet, snow or ice, it does not matter, he enjoys riding.  On his way home from work this evening, he was crossing a cross walk and got hit by a car.  The car was not traveling fast, just fast enough to knock him off his bike.  He saw her coming so he managed to lift his leg up and out of the way before impact.  No damage to Jack, thank God, but he will need a new rim for his front tire.  So where is the lesson?  Jack and I don't wear helmets when we ride.  I insist that Blake wear one always, Casey refuses, and I never thought to get one for myself or for Jack.  That will change this year.  I am going to make helmets mandatory!!  As for Jack, he is replacing the rim on his bike as we speak, and will be riding to work tomorrow as usual. He is pretty indestructible for a 50 year old that husband-o-mine.   :)

Time for some Minecraft fun with my boys.  Hope your Saturday was awesome!!

Get ready, get set....GO!!!

For dinner this evening, or I guess I should say for breakfast-lunch-dinner since I have not eaten yet today.  I bad!  My favorite meal...Fresh greens, spinach, chicken breast, watermelon, cucumber, tomato, orange fruit salad, topped with sunflower seeds.  I could eat this every day and never get tired of it.
With my favorite salad dressing.
Have a great Sunday!

***Doggy Daily***


"Yes Miss Lilly"
"There is no need to measure the diva mama.  Perfection is perfection!"
"Well I don't know, the planet may be interested in how BIG your head is?"

Music I am listening to today...Nickelback , When We Stand Together

Random Link of the Day...Get down with your TaeBo self.

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