Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12, 2013

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Hello Saturday.  :)

It was a bitter cold day in Boise today, our high was somewhere near 20 °f.  Current temperature is 14°f.  We did see some sunshine today though, so that was a welcomed change.  No fresh snow, but there is still plenty on the ground.

The boys are feeling better this evening, thank goodness.  I am too.  I hated missing Cooper's pizza party, but I have to be careful when it comes to being sick.  Having Rheumatoid Arthritis means I have a very weak immune system.  On top of that, I take immunosupressant drugs, so when I get sick...I get really sick.  The last thing I need is the flu that is going around so badly this year.  *knock on wood*

"My darling Coopey...we will plan another birthday party for you when everyone is better.  We love you!!"

The news regarding the flu is very scary this year.  Makes me want to hibernate until spring!  There is a good app available to check the flu in your area.  I highly recommend you check it out...

Flu Near You

Looking at these maps...I am glad I don't live on the East Coast!

Stay well planet.  Keep the hand sanitiser flowing.  :)

 "How ya feeling mama.  Can I get you anything?"
 A nice tall glass of Sprite!
 The frozen tundra...Boise, Idaho.

Dinner for the boys.  It does not matter how sick they are, they can eat.  Bring on the food!

***Doggy Daily***

"Got the picture?  Good, now let me in.  It is freezing out here!!"
Music I am listening to today...Owl City Vanilla Twilight

Random Link of the Day...Chicken Soup

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