Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013

My 365...

The blog must go on!  Right?  This is the first time I have been out of bed all day...and I won't be here for long.  Seems we have managed to catch some sort of bug in my wonderful home.

It started with Garrett yesterday.  He NEVER gets sick.  Last night he could not keep anything down, and looked like he had been hit by a freight train.

Today I feel like I tried to jump in front of the freight train to save my baby, and it smashed into me.  UGH...this is miserable.  I am just praying that it stops with me and the boys don't catch it.  Casey is already pretty exhausted from his two hours at the orthodontist yesterday.  Getting sick is the last thing he needs.

I don't think we have the flu as there is no fever or other serious symptoms...thank God!  It is more just a general feeling of BLAH!

So today my blog is photos from my bed.  LOL, is better than nothing right?

Hope you all had a great day!  Stay healthy.

 The view from my window.  First thing I noticed...the windows need some serious washing.
 Yes, I have a wind chime hanging in my room.  It is far too pretty to hang outside.
The ficus tree in the corner.  I was missing the all the Christmas colors, so I wrapped a strand of colored lights around it.  Don't looks very pretty.  :)
The extent of my diet today.  A large glass of orange juice.  The boys brought me a bag of animal cookies to make me feel better.
And the best view of best buddy keeping me company.  <3  And reminding me that mama is not permitted to be sick.
 ***Doggy Daily***
 My other best buddy, keeping me company too.

Music I am listening to today....shhhh no music please.

Random Link of the Day...How do you know if there is Flu in your area?

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