Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

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Happy Monday planet!

Not everything in life is up for negotiation, however, the boys think that "everything" should be.  No my darlings...not everything.  If you eat your veggies, you can have desert.  Okay.  If you clean your room, you can go out this weekend.  Maybe.  If you clean up the dog poop....well, if you clean up the dog poop, I will let you keep your dog.  Yes, that is fair.


"If you buy me a hamster, I will do my school work."

"No dear. You WILL do your school work, because doing so facilitates learning.  You will become a responsible, and well educated adult, which is far more valuable and important than being a hamster owner."

"And for the millionth rodents in my house!"

School is not open for negotiation.  Not ever.  School is very important, you will participate, and you will complete your assignments.  You will thank me later for being so strict about it.

"Mom, you are so mean!"

"Well honey, if insisting that education is number one on the list of priorities indicates my level of mean?  Then yes, I am the meanest mama you will ever meet."

There are children on this planet who do not have access to education.  Education is a privilege.  Education is a beautiful thing.  Education can not be taken for granted.  This is a lesson they are still learning.  They will get there.

It is snowing in Boise today.  The blue skies have vanished, and there is a nice fresh layer of snow on the ground.  I do love the snow.  :) 

Garrett and Kori purchased my Scentsy burner for Mother's Day over two years ago.  The light bulb has burned out, and I had not had the opportunity to replace it.  They were shopping over the weekend, and found some pumpkin burners on sale for just under $3 and bought one for me.  Sure it is a pumpkin, but $3 is an awesome price!  I love my pumpkin burner.

"Thank you Garrett and Kori."

***Doggy Daily***

"Gah, it is snowing today!."
 "Mama, are you going to come carry me in?"
 "Guess I am on my own...RUN!"

Music I am listening to today...2Cellos , The Book of Love

Random Link of the Day...Coconut Key Lime Muffins

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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Love,


Shanna Russell said...

I love that you are so strict with school work. I am the exact same way. Education is so important! Good for you! Oh! And I love my tart burners! I got an electric one for Christmas that I absolutely love.

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