Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27, 2013

My 365...

There was a huge ball of fire in the sky today.  It cast warmth and light all over the land, and painted the sky a lovely shade of blue.  So what the heck was it you ask?  I think they call it the sun?  Had not seen it in so long, I had forgotten how amazing it is.  Thank you for coming to visit today burning hunk of awesome goodness, we have missed you.

The sun also cheered me up, and provided some much needed inspiration.  So I cleaned.  Re-arranged my office area, discarded the junk mail, started gathering my tax information and cleaned as much of the house that I could get to today.  No, I did not get to hit the roads on my bike and enjoy a much needed biking adventure, it is still entirely too cold for that.  Bummer.

Blake was walking on cloud 9 today.  He got to call his one and only big sister last night, and enjoyed a nice long phone conversation with her.  He has really missed his big sis.  "Thank you Meagan."  :)

Hope your Sunday was awesome, relaxing, and full of light and fresh air.  Have a great Monday planet.

 My beautiful city today.

For dinner, I made two nice big trays of Chicken Enchiladas Suizas...our favorite!

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Music I am listening to today... Fauxliage , Let it Go

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