Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24, 2013

My 365...

I have had a bit of an off sort of day.

I brought up a full tea pot of hot water to my desk, and here it sits almost two hours later just a pot of water.  I completely forgot to add the tea.

The phone rang this morning at 9:00 A.M., wanting to know why Casey was not at his Orthodontist appointment that I thought I had scheduled for 10:00A.M,  ACK!

"No, no, no, Google Calendar is never wrong!"

Of course Google Calendar is never wrong, if you input the correct data...duh.  I felt horrible making the doctor wait, but they said no worries because many of the patients had canceled due to the weather anyway.

Speaking of the weather...brrrr.  We are still below freezing today at 27°f, which is warmer than it has been in days, but the ICE has been SO bad.  I do not dare stick my toes out of the door for anything because I will slip and fall on my face.  Jack has tried really hard to keep a handle on the ice on the driveway, sidewalk and patios, but it comes right back.  We had a storm come in last night that dumped a fresh layer of snow and ice on everything.  Poor Jack was coming home from work two days ago, and he slipped and hit the pavement pretty hard.  He is okay, just a little sore.

Back to Casey, he now has braces.  I am so excited for him.  He is miserable, as I am sure I would be as well with a mouth full of metal, but this journey is going along so smoothly thus far.  He has survived the palatal expander, a retainer, and now a full set of braces installed today.  He does not look bad at all.  Casey always looks cute no matter what.  When you look at him it is impossible to see passed those big baby blue eyes and long eye lashes.  After braces comes the jaw surgery, but the jury is still out on that one as far as Casey is concerned.  He is saying NO WAY mom.  We are going to take that one day at a time.

Casey is so amazing.  He has gone through almost 18 years of his life with barely a complaint.  Massive dental work as a young child, a severe concussion, a horrible break through the growth plate in his wrist, hearing difficulties, huge tonsils that had to be removed, dermatology treatments and the roller coaster of medical treatments to manage his ADD, OCD and anxiety.  However, he keeps on smiling, and making his way through life like it is no big deal.  I am so proud of him.

"Casey, you are my hero son.  I love you."

Happy Thursday planet!  Hope the sun is shinning in your world today.  :)
 Casey <3

 Another frozen, gray day.
Tonight, the snow is covered by a layer of ice.  It looks so cool.

***Doggy Daily***
Casey's best friend Ducati.  <3
Music I am listening to today...Tom Petty, You Don't Know How It Feels

Random Link of the Day...Spinach-Artichoke Scalloped Potatoes

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