Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013

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Guns.  I HATE guns.  Big guns, small guns, air soft guns, gaming guns, video game guns, toy guns, real guns, GUNS are bad!  They belong in the hands of peace officers, our military, and trained professionals only.  Okay, and hunters.  Not teachers, unless they are teaching about guns, and sure as hell not my 11 year old son.

*Disclaimer* My dislike of guns is not politically motivated in any way shape or form.  They are big, and loud and scare the heck out of me.  On my first hunting trip with an old boyfriend, he took aim at the most beautiful buck I had ever seen.  Just before he pulled the trigger I shouted..."Run Bambi run!!!"  I kid you not.  *End Disclaimer*

My boys LOVE guns.  They love shooting, they think guns are the coolest things since double cheeseburgers with an extra HUGE side order of fries, and there is not much mama can do to keep guns from their lives "IF" they are going to learn how to safely and responsibly handle guns.  And according to Casey and Blake, protect me from Zombies when the Zombie apocalypse occurs.

Take a deep breath mama, everything is going to be okay.

~~~~~~inhale~~~~~~exhale~~~~~~~~inhale~~~~~~turn blue~~~~pass out.  :*(

My oldest son Garrett loves guns.  He legally owns a hand gun, a shot gun and some other huge alien space shooter...I have no idea what it is called.  He is very responsible, extremely careful, and he an Kori enjoy shooting.  They love going out on the weekends to go target shooting.  Casey and Blake love guns too.  Casey knows everything there is to know about guns, the history of guns, every minute detail on how they are put together and how to take one apart. His knowledge about guns is quite impressive.  And even more impressive than his know-how, is his healthy respect for the darn things.  He is so careful.  As for Blake...he is just like his brothers.  He knows a lot about guns, and enjoys the heck out of shooting.  I trust them, but it does not mean that I don't worry.  I worry.  Oh dear God in heaven, how I worry.

This afternoon, Garrett took the boys shooting.  One would have thought it was Christmas morning here in my house today.  The boys were SO freaking excited!  As for me, I am excited to see them excited, but that does not mean that every single micro cell in my body was not standing on edge screaming STOP!!!  UNSAFE!!!!  You will shoot your eye out!!!  And that was me until they returned safely home.
Thank you GOD for bringing them safely home.

Okay is safe to *exhale* now.

The boys always ask me, "Mama, don't you feel safer just knowing we have guns in the house and sons who know how to protect you?"  And I always respond with the same thing..."Boys, I have BIG dogs, and little dogs who believe they are BIG dogs. I pity the fool who tries to walk through our door uninvited. Not to mention a "bear" of a mama who knows how to protect her cubs."  So do guns make me feel safer?  No.  I still hate guns.

Can I get an amen?

This spring I was telling Blake that I need a new hobby.  I love riding my bike, but I have also decided that I would like to take up archery.  Blake agrees.  So no guns for mama, but I am gonna learn how to shoot the heck out of a bow and arrow.  Every apple within a 100 mile radius needs to be afraid...very, very afraid. Move over Jennifer Lawrence...mama is in town.  LOL :)

Hope your weekend was a safe one planet, have an awesome Monday.

 An afternoon of brotherly bonding, AFTER a safety lecture.  I don't know how they did not freeze out there, the high temperature today was in the teens!
 Blake was so proud of his aim with the huge alien shooter. (I still do not know what the darn thing is called. A Mossberg something or other.)
Thank you Garrett for being such an awesome big brother, AND for keeping your little brothers safe.  <3

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"Don't worry mama, I will protect you!"
Music I am listening to today...Benjamin Francis Leftwich , Atlas Hands

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