Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30, 2012

My 365...

Hello Lazy Sunday.  We had a nice snow fall last night.  Not too much, but enough to make everything look sparkly and new.  It is very soft powder.  Great for skiing, not so great for packing a snowman.

I stayed up rather late watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special.  *Warning...Spoiler Alert*  Do not click the link if you have not seen it!!  It was much better than the season three finale, however the ending....*gasp*  Made me cry.  Oh Downton Abbey, why must you be so cruel.  I really love this series!

Back to my nice and relaxing lazy Sunday.  :)

 A perfect day...
 ...for snow hearts...
 ...and snow angels.  :)

And to end the day...cinnamon buns.  Yummy!
Have a great Monday planet!

 ***Doggy Daily***

"You call this a perfect day mama?"
 "I call it, 'I wish Santa had brought me some Puggs for my little frozen paws' kind of day."

Music I am listening to today...Aerosmith , Legendary Child  <---Yes, mama loves her Rock-n-Roll too.  :)

Random Link of the Day...Lucky Black-Eyed Pea Soup

The Daily V...


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