Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012

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Happy Last Friday of 2012!!

Wow, I can't believe this year is already over, crazy.  It has been a good year, but more reflections of 2012 in another blog.

In the meantime...the boys and I are enjoying the last few days of our vacation doing whatever we want.  That usually consists of movies, Minecraft, chilling and fun.

Last night I was playing Minecraft with Blake, and he got tired of running from his room to mine every time he wanted to tell me something.   I installed Skype on my laptop and on his computer, and we had a lot of fun playing Minecraft and being able to talk to each other over Skype.  SO much easier.

He took it a step further though.  He went into the bathroom to take care of business, and realized he was out of toilet paper.  So what does Blake do you ask?  He pulled my old HTC Evo from his pocket, installed Skype and Skyp'ed me from the bathroom.  "Mom!  I need more toilet paper!"

LOL! We are such a geeky family.  I love it!

Hope your day was fun!!  :)

The "Number 1" best pet sitter on the planet!
 Blake has been taking care of Garrett's pets while he is away, and he is doing an awesome job.
This is Athena.
 This is Goblin.
This is Jauggernaut.  He is pretty magnificent when his fins are fully splayed.
These fish are huge, and so beautiful.

Some awesome pictures Garrett took with his Android tablet on his trip. He left his camera equipment at home for me to use. Now I wish he would have taken it! He takes the most amazing pictures. 

He and Kori will be home tomorrow. ♥

***Doggy Daily***
Oh, and I can't forget Supra the Wonder Dog

Music I am listening to today...Brandi Carlile, If There Was No You

Random Link of the Day...Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls

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